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Tyson Fury Daughter Has A Message For Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury daughter joins in on the Anthony Joshua trash talk with her father here as speculation on a possible fight continues.

Realistically an Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury heavyweight title showdown won’t be happening this year – with Fury recently revealing that Wembley stadium has already been booked for April 2018 for the fight should they both keep winning.

Fury will need to have a comeback fight first and get his license back too, but once he does that and provided Joshua wins his next fight or two, a collision will surely be inevitable.

It’s an interesting one from a style point of view with Fury perhaps the slicker boxer of the two with superior skill, with Joshua more the power house who will look to really engage Fury.

Both men have proven they have massive hearts in their careers too and have shown they can get knocked down in a fight and get back up to win.

That in itself is a very rare thing to see in heavyweight boxing given the power in the punches in the weight class usually rendering knockdowns full on knockouts more often than not.

There has been a running line of verbal abuse from Tyson Fury to Joshua these last few weeks in particular and now even one of Tyson Fury’s daughters is joining in: