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Oscar De La Hoya explains why he thinks Floyd Mayweather should not take on Irishman Conor McGregor in a proposed boxing match this year.

As things stand the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight doesn’t look anywhere nearer closer to happening than it did a few months ago.

Negotiations are understood to still be ongoing but UFC president Dana White has said it’s nowhere near a done deal this week.

Since the bout was first initially mooted, seemingly a lifetime ago now with all the speculation and reports that have gone on since, members of the boxing world have been critical of such a bout taking place in the sport.

Reasons have included it being a freak show that damages boxing’s credibility, to sheer health concerns for McGregor as a novice pro boxer stepping into the squared circle with an all time great in his first pro boxing match.

The positives however are that the fight would be a massive event that no doubt would garner a huge amount of eyeballs on boxing – which can surely only be a good thing.

Former world champion turned promoter Oscar De La Hoya is not too keen on it however. Speaking to ESPN he said:

“Mayweather’s better than that. Mayweather, look, if you want to fight then have a rematch against Canelo or a fight against Golovkin. Go after them.”

Not long ago it was De La Hoya in the ring with Mayweather, where ultimately he came up short as Mayweather won via a point decision back in 2007.

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