Canelo vs Chavez Undercard Live Stream

Canelo vs Chavez undercard live stream right here at Boxing News and Views ahead of one of the biggest fights of the year in the US so far.

It’s nearly here folks, the big one. But not before time of course.

Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr will throw blows against one another tonight in Vegas but first up there’s quite a bit of action.

Tonight’s Cinco De Mayo festivities in boxing circles are squarely in the middle of the Las Vegas strip at the MGM Grand – as passionate Mexican fans let their voices known tonight.

It’s one of those nights in boxing that no matter where you’re from in the world though, if you’re just a fight fan in general, you know it’s a big fight night for many a reason.

The tradition in most recent memory goes back to a non-Mexican fighter in American boxing maestro Floyd Mayweather who made this weekend his fight weekend for many a year before retiring (as things stand anyway).

Indeed Mayweather beat one of the protagonists competing tonight, Canelo, but the young Mexican has since improved greatly through the defeat and has proven himself time and time again since.

The MGM tonight looks like a joyous place for any boxing fan to be in it must be said.

Lets go live to the Canelo vs Chavez undercard live stream (hat tip Golden Boy) and catch the preliminary bouts right now: