Mayweather Gives His Final Canelo vs Chavez Pick

Canelo vs Chavez Pick

Floyd Mayweather weighs in with his Canelo vs Chavez pick ahead of the big fight in Vegas to decide who becomes Mexico’s top boxing chief.

Not long ago it was Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather lighting up the Las Vegas strip with his extravagant boxing events but now almost two years removed from a professional fight, he finds himself like us all of us in this great sport, a spectator.

A fan.

Tonight Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr will duke it out for a battle of pride and honor among their countrymen and perhaps even more than that, a genuine want to beat one another personally stemming from a dislike of one another as men outside of the ring.

Floyd Mayweather schooled Canelo a few years back and perhaps is better placed than a lot of people to chime in with an opinion on tonight’s battle at the MGM Grand consequently.

The MGM Grand was a fond old haunt for Floyd too, now 40 years young.

Maybe some nostalgia is starting to get to Floyd one suspects as he watches the new generation fight at what once his favorite stomping ground, as he now looks to try to bring the stars of tomorrow through at his up and coming promotional company.

Speaking to Fight Hype Mayweather had this to say on his final Canelo vs Chavez pick in tonight’s big fight: