Al Haymon and Oscar De La Hoya Share An Unusual Moment Backstage

Boxing power players Al Haymon and Oscar De La Hoya share an unusual but encouraging moment back stage at Canelo vs Chavez weigh in.

Hall of Fame fighter turned promoter Oscar De La Hoya and influential boxing manager and Founder of TV series Premier Boxing Champions Al Haymon – could very well have put all their beef aside it has emerged.

The pair not long ago were battling it out in a court room stemming from a range of disputes that saw De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions sue Haymon.

The suit was not successful. Nor was the other suit in the past from US promoter Top Rank towards Haymon – which was reported to be settled out of court.

It has been reported by Gabe Oppenheim that backstage at the Canelo vs Chavez weigh in at the MGM that Al Haymon and Oscar De La Hoya shared a bit of an unexpected moment:

While perhaps a tad unusual, a positive bit of news surely for US and world boxing fans hoping to see great fights put on regularly again in the States – which would involve the two working together.

Indeed, Haymon has already started working again with influential US boxing promotional firm Top Rank in 2017 since settling their differences.

Perhaps the American boxing promoters and powers that be now finally realize working together is needed to put on the big fights fans want to see on a regular basis.

Fighting in boxing should be done in the ring by the boxers after all, not in court rooms.

Surely the success of UK boxing and that globally from the UFC is now finally starting to make American promoters up their games a bit, put politics aside and see some common sense.

About time.