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Video Shows What Anthony Joshua Foes Say Before and After Fighting Him

We’ve stumbled across a rather interesting video that compares what Anthony Joshua foes have to say about him before and after getting in the ring with the Londoner.

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is a man who doesn’t like to engage in trash talk with this opponents, but he’s come into contact with plenty of fighters who are more than willing to sling verbal abuse his way.

For the most part he seems to be unaffected by his opponents trying to get into his head, with the exception perhaps of Tyson Fury.

Recently in the build-up to his fight with Klitschko he bit back to Fury, finally, after a relentless barrage of Tweets from the Ring Magazine champion.

Other fighters who he’s had heated moments with before fights would be Dillian Whyte and Dominic Breazeale.

American Breazeale almost got too close for comfort in the initial pre-fight press conference and Joshua looked like he was about to snap at one point.

Dillian Whyte from the UK stirred up old emotions from him and Joshua’s rivalry back in the amateur days, where Whyte beat Joshua as an amateur.

What is said before and after a fight can often be two completely different things and this interesting video by GOATBOXING YouTube (hat tip) shows what Anthony Joshua foes feel before and after they get in there with him: