Gennady Golovkin Mosley Sparring Footage

This Golovkin Mosley sparring clip makes for intriguing viewing. Neither man exactly holds back in the sparring session.

A fight between these two modern boxing stars will likely never happen. Different weight classes and stages of their career all together now.

‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley is coming to the end of an outstanding professional boxing tenure and Golovkin is still a way to go in his.

But there was a time where the pair stepped into the squared circle. Behind closed doors in a gym the two really went to town on each other in sparring.

We’ve stumbled across the below Golovkin Mosley sparring video for the first time today and it makes for an interesting watch.

Shane Mosley was never one to back down from a challenge and was renowned for for his silky boxing skills and toughness in equal measure.

He needed both with the much bigger Golovkin below, a full two-weight classes out of his usual opponent range in the sparring clip.

It provides a small insight into what a real fight between the two men would have actually been like – a battle of skill and will of the absolute highest calibre.

Enough of my guff, lets watch the Golovkin Mosley sparring footage right here:

Hat tip Combat Kaiser YouTube:

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