Anthony Joshua Clears A Bill As First Purchase From £15 Million Klitschko Purse

Klitschko Purse

Heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua clears a modest bill as first spending from the Klitschko purse following the pair’s fight at Wembley.

Both men it is estimated netted £15 million each for the fight on Saturday night, which works out at just under $20 million dollars each.

What that doesn’t factor in however is how the pay per view numbers performed, which won’t be known for sometime.

Likely each fighter had a percentage of the pay per view that they would received built into somewhere in their contracts too.

So the above number could be a lot more when all is added and totted up in the end.

Joshua despite his massive star status, doesn’t seem to be a man for the big spending however. After the fight he he joked to The Mirror that out of the Klitschko purse:

“First off I got to pay my bill, it’s very big.”

It turns out that big bill is a £120 laundry bill for his clothes at a local laundry facility that he still uses locally in London.

Perhaps in the coming weeks we’ll see a more Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather side to Joshua on social media – splashing the cash on lavish purchases.

Somehow though, I don’t think that will happen. He doesn’t appear to be that kind of guy. Although he did mention before the Klitschko fight he wants to become a billionaire out of boxing.

Although he’s a long way to go yet, who’s to say he won’t do it one day if he keeps winning and growing his star around the world.

At 27 he’s quite young in heavyweight terms, too.