How Tyson Fury Reacted To Seeing Anthony Joshua Getting Dropped By Klitschko

How Ring Magazine heavyweight champion Tyson Fury reacted to watching Anthony Joshua getting dropped by Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley.

Lots of people are debating over who would win between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury following the shake up of the heavyweight boxing landscape in Wembley stadium.

There are some real Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua online fan camps starting to form and collide at the moment on social media.

The passion is off the hook in some cases, with fans of either adamant their man beats the other for varying reasons.

Fury fans overall feel their man outboxes Joshua, who a lot of them don’t think has the same skill set that Ring Magazine heavyweight champion Tyson Fury possesses.

A lot of Joshua fans seem to feel their man blows Fury away when they meet in the ring – through his superior power and athletic ability.

There’s only one way to settle it of course,and that’s a good old heavyweight title fight.

Following the Joshua win over Klitschko, Fury told Sky Sports how he felt when he saw Anthony Joshua getting dropped in round 6 by Klitschko:

“I was screaming, pulling my hair out, or what little hair I’ve got left, because I was worried it would cost us millions.”

Indeed, if either man were to lose before fighting one another over the next while, a potential fight could be derailed for a bit.

Hopefully Tyson Fury can get back in fighting shape, get his license back, sort whatever remaining issues he has out, have a warm up fight in the summer and possibly go for a Joshua fight before the end of the year.

In a perfect world, that is.