Video Compares How Joshua Took Klitschko Right Cross To How Fury Did

An interesting video edit compares how Anthony Joshua took the Klitschko right cross punch to what happened when it landed on Tyson Fury.

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury debate is in full flow online today – following a weekend of supreme boxing action that fans the world over were interested in.

It’s not very often a super-fight lives up to the hype, but fans got real value for money for once between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko who left it all in the ring.

Back in November 2015 however a certain Tyson Fury didn’t need to have a war of attrition with Klitschko.

Instead, he was able to utilize his top notch boxing skills to shut Klitschko down on route to a unanimous points victory in Germany.

One Twitter user pointed out that when the big Klitschko right cross landed on Joshua at the weekend it almost finished the Londoner.

Whereas when it landed on Fury he shrugged it off – captured in this short video edit:

Hat tip Jay King

What do you think? There is a school of thought out there also mentioning that the Klitschko right cross that landed on Joshua was a far bigger punch.

Although, when you really analyze it, Fury rode that shot well and managed to take a lot of the sting off the punch, whereas Joshua didn’t know much about his and thus was nearly knocked out.

They say it’s the punches you don’t see coming are the ones that do the most damage, after all.