Watch: The Moment Anthony Joshua Hits The Canvas For The First Time As A Pro

Anthony Joshua suffered the first knockdown of his professional career against Klitschko. Here was the shuddering punch that caused it.

Anthony Joshua went down in round 6 of his fight with Wladimir Klitschko which looked like it was about to bring about the end of the fight for him.

Many have commented since the fight this morning that Klitschko will be regretting not going for the finish more after such a heavy knockdown.

Joshua to his credit rose to his feet and was able to last out the round and slowly but surely work his way back into the fight before scoring a TKO in round 11.

The punch that dropped him could have dropped a horse in all fairness. A perfectly timed straight right hand right down the middle from Wladimir Klitschko.

The same punch that knocked out so many before Joshua was enough to send him to the seat of his trunks and made him even smile when he was on the ground.

They say when a boxer smiles in a fight like that after sustaining a punch it’s a tell tale sign they are badly hurt. Here is the moment Anthony Joshua went down for the first time in his professional boxing career:

(Hat tip Anthony Fowler)

As Anthony mentions above, massive credit for Joshua to get up from that punch.

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