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Watch: The Anthony Joshua Uppercut That Nearly Decapitated Klitschko

Anthony Joshua Uppercut

This Anthony Joshua uppercut is up there for one of the biggest heavyweight title bombs of recent memory. A savage punch.

An Anthony Joshua uppercut straight out of the gates of hell signalled the beginning of the end for Wladimir Klitschko in round 11.

After being knocked down by Klitschko in round 6, Joshua appeared Joshua to chase the fight in the proceeding rounds and it looked like the fight was slipping away for him.

Klitschko was boxing well in a lot of the proceeding rounds after round 6 and you could hear Joshua’s corner and trainer Rob McCracken pleading with Joshua to get it going again and that Klitschko was tiring.

The thing that was impressive by Joshua was that he didn’t panic and when the opportunity did present itself again to finish the fight, he took full advantage.

Josh Katzowitz (hat tip) caught this Anthony Joshua uppercut in slow motion in round 11 in what was one of the more savage blows seen in a heavyweight title fight in recent memory:

How Klitschko sustained his balance and senses after that I’ll never know. An uppercut that would have nearly decapitated most.

But as Josh mentions above, it proved to be the beginning of the end for Klitschko. Joshua was able to follow up on this with some massive combinations to close the show in round 11.

What a fight.