Luke Campbell vs Jorge Linares – A Step Too Far For Campbell?

Luke Campbell vs Jorge Linares

Luke Campbell vs Jorge Linares is next up but is Campbell capable of dethroning the 4 times world champion at this stage of his career?

It’s easy to forget that they’re was other great UK fighters putting on a show last night, especially after the performance both Joshua and Klitscho put on for the 90,000 fans at Wembley, but there definitely was.

Luke Campbell, the golden boy from Hull, stopped ex world champion Perez in a back and forth fight, that was a joy to watch.

Campbell started off very slow, looking like it could be an upsetting night for the Yorkshire man, as Perez was on target with the right and clearly won the first three rounds, making Campbell look out of his depth.

All that changed in the 4th, as Campbell woke up and started ‘Teeing’ off, landing the left hand and having success moving in and out frustrating Perez.

Rounds 5 and 6 Campbell stepped it up and had Perez hurt. This time it was the former champs turn to be uncomfortable and as rounds 7 and 8 went on Perez looked hurt and downtrodden.

Campbell landed the big shots without anything coming back.

As round 9 started, Perez was pulled out due to an injured shoulder but I suspect his will to continue had well and truly been punched out of him.

The win has set up a shot a Linares for the Lightweight titles, with Luke Campbell stating the ‘Linares is the best and I want the best’ and Eddie confirming that he will make the world title happen.

I believe Linares would take the fight as the unification fight with Garcia is looking less likely to happen at this point at 135lbs.

Campbell would need to up his game, although he came through last night well. Linares is another level above however and Luke could not afford the slow shaky start that happened last night.

Luke Campbell vs Jorge Linares will tell us a lot about just how good Luke Campbell is.