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Anthony Joshua calls out Tyson Fury straight after his win over Klitschko at Wembley and didn’t beat around the bush.

They say as soon as one fight ends the promotion for the next one begins.

An Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury heavyweight title fight is already in over drive in the boxing world online debates at present.

Fury took to Twitter straight away to call out Joshua following the win. Joshua, similarly, addressed Fury in the ring straight after his win in the post fight interview.

We learned a lot about Anthony Joshua tonight in terms of his fighting heart and warrior mentality. Klitschko also showed massive courage throughout the fight.

Joshua at many times in the second half of the bout looked like he was out on his feet but somehow managed to dig in deep and comeback.

The right hand that dropped Joshua in the fight was one of the most perfectly timed straight right hands of Klitschko’s career.

It rocked Joshua to his inner core and put him down. What impressed everyone was how he managed to get back up and survive the round.

Following the fight here’s what he had to say in his post-fight interview to a certain Tyson Fury:

(Hat tip and credit: IFL TV YouTube)

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