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Why Joshua vs Klitschko Was One Of The Best Things To Happen To Boxing In A Long Time

Joshua vs Klitschko was a fight that delivered on so many levels. An incredible heavyweight title spectacle that lived up to the hype.

It represented the changing of the guard the dawning of a new era the crowning of a new king.

Joshua vs Klitschko was everything we hoped to see in the championship fight. The expectations they lived up to were massive and they delivered in warrior like fashion.

The Heavyweight division has received a shot in the arm and we got a glimpse into it’s promising future. Both men showed us that without Twitter rants or malice intent or trash talking, a great fight can still be made and appreciated.

Klitschko showed us that he wasn’t done. Not in the slightest. He was ready to prove that his age nor long layoff wasn’t going to be a factor.

He showed us that the old Lion still had 1 great fight left inside him. He started by letting his hands go and using his experience to feint and move to give his younger adversary.

He pulled himself off the canvas in the 5th, showed true grit and reminded us (and AJ) why for 10 years he was a dominant champion.

Weathering the storm only to show that championship heart and determination to take back control of the latter part of the round and perhaps the fight.

A. Joshua answered all the unanswered questions, all the doubts and concerns can be put to rest. The young hungry lion who thought it was over in the 5th round had gassed himself and for a moment we thought he was done.

Then he suffered his first knockdown of his career and it was the young lion on the receiving end of that same storm.

But Joshua dug deep, regained himself and showed us a gear we’ve never seen before – and boy did he ever need it.

He came out in the 11th round like a man ready to seize the moment of greatness. He landed an uppercut that started it all. A massive shot.

Then after the second knockdown he had Wladimir in the corner and once the ref jumped in between them, all the hopes, the prayers and dreams became a reality.

90,000 fans erupted Joshua in spectacular fashion as he became a proven unified champion.Both men overcame adversity. Both men showed their heart and we the fans benefited greatly for it.

What a night for boxing.