A New Boxing Video Game Could Be In The Works

Fight fans have been starved of a new boxing video game for quite some time but good news could finally be just around the corner.

The sport of boxing around the globe seems to have had a bit of a comeback in recent years – certainly in places like the UK.

But overall the sport has done well too, internationally speaking. Boxing has become a more international sport than ever before.

Fight fans around the world for the last number of years on different social media forums have complained that there has not been a new boxing video game brought out for some time.

Boxing fans who have been around for a few years and enjoyed previous console games such as Fight Night will know this pain all too well.

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Fight Night, for example, was a ridiculously addictive game.

I’ve never been a fan of computer games that much outside of some strategy games in my younger years like Football Manager and Command and Conquer, but Fight Night was the only other game I ever used to regularly play.

Surely with the momentum the sport is starting to receive again at the moment that the timing could be right for a new boxing video game?

Well, Promoter Eddie Hearn has got people excited with this reply to one fan who asked him could he put a thought into bringing out a new boxing video game:

What a huge move it would be if Hearn actually did come up with a new boxing video game.

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