Adrien Broner Reacts To Tim Bradley Call Out – Rips Into Him

Adrien Broner reacts to Timothy Bradley calling him out and has responded in well, typical Adrien Broner manner and form.

Adrien Broner has been in the press a lot recently following another arrest last week that stemmed from a previous warrant violation a number of years ago.

Broner was allegedly driving a vehicle last week that was shot at and subsequent video footage of his arrest emerged here.

WATCH: Broner arrest video

From a boxing perspective, he’s on the lookout for a new opponent. Fellow American multi-weight world champion Tim Bradley is happy to oblige by all accounts.

Broner hasn’t taken it too well, though – that Bradley wants a piece of him. Adrien Broner reacts to Bradley’s call out with some choice words to put it mildly:

Broner’s comments above ‘Stop talking crazy bald head Uncle Tom ass nigga……’ no doubt will cause quite a bit of controversy.

From a fight standpoint though, a match up between the two could be a good one. They are both accomplished boxers in their own right now and a coming together would be a tough one to call.

Bradley would be the naturally bigger fighter if it did happen, having also campaigned at welterweight longer than Broner to date.

Bradley has not fought since April of 2016 when he lost a unanimous decision to Manny Pacquiao at the MGM in Las Vegas.