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Home » Adrien Broner Arrest Video Released – Here’s The Moment He Got Handcuffed

Adrien Broner Arrest Video Released – Here’s The Moment He Got Handcuffed

The Adrien Broner arrest video has been released following an incident during the week that involved the American boxer in Kentucky.

TMZ previously reported that Broner was arrested following a previous warrant been out for him. Apparently it dated back a few years ago when police officers apprehended him this week.

Broner, was allegedly shot at by an unknown attacker this week. The attack reportedly left bullet holes in his vehicle. It is understood that Broner posted bail shortly after been arrested. He is due back in court next month.

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In the video below Broner can be heard referring to himself as a celebrity and saying he is ‘rich’. He can also be heard saying that he was not worried about the people who shot at him that were ‘broke’.

Broner can also be heard mentioning he is due to fight again in June. He asked the police officers not to put the handcuffs on him at one point to avoid damaging his hands.

Here is the Adrien Broner arrest video via TMZ Sports YouTube (hat tip and credit):

Broner last fought in February when he recorded a unanimous decision victory over Adrian Granados at the Cintas Center, Cincinnati in Ohio, USA.

Broner’s current record as a professional stands at 33-2-24KO and is recognised as a four-weight world champion. Hopefully we’ll see him back in the ring soon. Doing what he does best.