The Anthony Joshua Weakness That Fighters Are Warning About Ahead Of Klitschko Fight

One key Anthony Joshua weakness seems to be a prevailing theme from pro boxers when asked their opinion ahead of the Klitschko fight.

Anthony Joshua (18-0-18KO) has come a long way in a relatively short space of time when you think about it.

Turning pro back in 2013, he won a version of the heavyweight title in very quick fashion. He now faces Wladimir Klitschko in the biggest heavyweight fight probably since Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson.

One prevailing theme I have come across in the build-up to the fight from pro fighters has been how Joshua can be open to the left hook.

If you look back to probably his toughest test to date against Dillian Whyte in 2015, he got nailed with a left hook that wobbled him badly early on.

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Indeed, Whyte has been vocal about the shot being the main Anthony Joshua weakness ahead of the Klitschko fight and noted that he would have thrown it more in their fight had an injury not happened to his left shoulder.

But Whyte isn’t alone. UK heavyweight Richard Towers has also warned Joshua to be very wary of the Klitschko left hook.

Klitschko is perhaps best noted for his big right hand straight down the middle but has been known to throw some heavy left hooks too off the jab.

Joshua will need to keep that right glove up when throwing the jab or anything off his left side, or when of course he’s throwing the right hand.

Head movement is something Joshua looks to have been working on a lot from training footage leading up to the fight and he will need it to be on point come Saturday night:

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