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Tyson Fury Explains How To Beat Klitschko

Tyson Fury Explains

Tyson Fury explains tactics on how to overcome Wladimir Klitschko which could prove invaluable for Anthony Joshua.

Tyson Fury has been vocal in the build-up to this weekend’s heavyweight title unification match between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko.

However it’s sometime he said some time ago which might be of more interest to Joshua on Saturday night.

The jibes on social media from Fury that earn thousands of re-tweets are a smokescreen in some regards to conceal the calculating boxing brain that the man possess behind the scenes.

Fury is a renowned student of the game. When he’s in training camp and actually knuckling down for a fight, he takes things deadly serious.

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His unanimous decision of Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015 tangible proof of that.

Indeed, that was the last time Klitschko fought before this Saturday night and the loss will surely be in the back of his mind somewhere.

Fury was able to nullify Klitschko for the majority of the fight and out box a man who had not lost previously in more than a decade.

Say what you want about Klitschko not been on form that night, or just after having the birth of a child or what have you, the reality is that Fury beat him fair and square.

Away from home too.

So when Tyson Fury explains here to Johnny Nelson the tactics he planned on using before he beat Klitschko, they certainly carry merit and could offer some perspective to Anthony Joshua this weekend:

(Note: Video starts at 4 mins in skip to this time)