Eddie Hearn Reacts To Controversial Murray vs Rosado Scorecard

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Promoter Eddie Hearn reacts to the scorecard between Martin Murray vs Gabriel Rosado that caused massive disgust.

Promoter Eddie Hearn reacts in a similar fashion to how most did, complete disbelief at one of the judges scores of the middleweight bout.

It was a crossroads fight between fighters from either side of the pond looking to get back to the top end of the sport.

Ultimately, Martin Murray get the unanimous decision. Most seemed to agree that the right man got the nod in a close fight.

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But what got on people’s nerves afterwards was the ridiculous 119-109 scorecard that was read out in favor of Murray on one of the cards.

Promoter Eddie Hearn reacted to the scorecard while speaking to the Kugan Cassius of IFL TV post-fight by saying:

“Disgrace. Just to let everyone know I don’t select the judges. I don’t have a say in the judges. To be honest with ya I didn’t even know the judges tonight. It’s just bad for us. When I say us I mean the sport here. Because people see that and it echoes around the world that if you box in England you get robbed. The fact is it wasn’t even an English judge. The English judge I believe gave it a draw, which I thought was a bad round. I had it to Murray by two rounds. It was an international judge. Shocking card. How could you score it 119-109?”

Following the fight an altercation almost occurred between Murray and Rosado who argued about the decision and scorecard straight after the bout ended.

Most fans thought it was one of the worst scorecards in some time.

Although bad scorecards seem to happen more frequently than would be like, last night took the cake for incompetence for quite some time.

For the full interview above check it out here on IFL TV YouTube (hat tip):

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