The Paulie Malignaggi Street Fights That No One Knows About

Paulie Malignaggi street fights might not be something you’d associate with him but there’s been a few it turns out.

These days Paulie Malignaggi is probably best known for his stellar commentating and punditry skills at the big fights around the world.

‘The Magic Man’ has transitioned as well as any fighter into the media game. He’s earned deserved plaudits for insight, energy and ability to break things down from a fighter’s perspective.

Paulie is coming to the end of his professional career now most likely, having lost by stoppage to the UK’s Sam Eggington back in March.

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He’s had some career though.

He became a two-weight world champion and fought big names over the years like Miguel Cotto, Amir Khan and Ricky Hatton.

Not many know though that he’s had some lesser known fights too. Outside the ring that is. Speaking to ES News, Paulie noted:

“I actually took out several different people in street fights.”

He added:

“I’ve never really boxed when I got into street fights. When I was in a lot of night clubs every night I would end up in my share of fights.”

He continued:

“I would lead with hooks and lead with power shots because you’re not going to miss them. Nobody is going to slip a power shot with the speed you can throw it at if you’re a pro fighter. I havn’t been in that circle in a long time. I have not been in a street fight in several years. Even when I was, I never thought about boxing. I never sat back on the jab. I came out swinging. I was whipping hooks at people. I don’t need to box you if I know I can beat the s*** out of you.”

Interesting stuff from Paulie… You certainly would be ill advised to pick a fight with a professional boxer!

No doubt plenty would pay to see what a world champion pro boxer could do in a street fight though. For the full interview check it out here via ES News YouTube (hat tip):

Paulie Malignaggi Street Fights