Adrien Broner Arrested Again

Adrien Broner arrested again as legal woes continue for the American boxer. After a dreadful 2016 he just got some more bad news.

Adrien Broner arrested again it has been reported today.

This time in Kentucky allegedly as reported by TMZ. They go on to say that Broner was allegedly arrested by police who found him at his vehicle with multiple bullet holes in it.

He was driving a white SUV at the time.

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The report also mentions that after been taken into custody, Broner said that his vehicle had been shot. Done so by an unknown assailant the evening before in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Broner said that he did not know who was shooting at him. Subsequent a check by officers showed bullet holes in his car.

It is understood that Broner has been released on bail at this time and is due in court again in May.

From a boxing standpoint this will come as a kick in the teeth for ‘The Problem’.

He appeared to have everything back on track in his career and training regularly with Floyd Mayweather up until this.

Broner has had a rough past few years outside of the ring for various reasons. Lets hope this is just a slight bump in the road and we see the talented fighter back in the ring soon.

Doing what he does best:

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