Watch: 10 Years Ago This 1st Mayweather vs De La Hoya 24 7 Episode Aired (Full Video)

This first Mayweather vs De La Hoya 24 7 episode set the tone for a number of years after how Mayweather and big fights were promoted.

Mayweather vs De La Hoya 24 7 will be well familiar to fans of the modern sweet science. It was HBO’s hit reality series for boxing.

A platform which won numerous awards and accolades in it’s day. It still goes strong to this day but perhaps was at it’s best in the beginning.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw it, watching in a sports bar in Ireland while playing pool with some friends. An almost instant draw as a boxing fan with it’s production and story line.

Mayweather vs De La Hoya 24 7 episode one brought the brash Floyd Mayweather in front of the world for the first time on a grand stage.

There was something about it that just worked. It just had the ‘it’ factor.  Even looking back on Mayweather vs De La Hoya 24 7 now it still makes for intriguing viewing.

At the time it essentially pitted the stereo typical good guy vs bad guy characters against one another.

The trash talk from Floyd was relentless. Raw and uncut. There was the whole story line of De La Hoya been trained by Mayweather’s father in the past.

De La Hoya was the big star of boxing at the time. The pay per view cash cow of America. Mayweather was to move into that position after the fight however.

To this day the two are still not particular fond of each other. On the 10 year anniversary of Mayweather vs De La Hoya 24 7 episode one here it’s not hard to see why:

It’s hard to think it’s been 10 years already since Mayweather vs De La Hoya 24 7 aired. What do you think? Feel free to share and comment on social media.

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