Trouble In Chavez Jr Training Camp Ahead Of Canelo Fight

Chavez Jr Training Camp

There has been some issues reported in the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr training camp ahead of his fight with Canelo Alvarez.

Last week Chavez’s father had intimated that some aspects of the camp had not been ideal. He mentioned in this article how his son can be a bit bipolar.

Now there is fresh reports coming out of the Chavez Jr training camp.

Mexican media have reported that Chavez Jr told his trainer Nacho Beristain that he wanted to leave high altitude training early.

It is not uncommon for disagreements to happen in highly charged training camps like this. Indeed, many a Chavez Jr training camp in the past are reported to have issues.

Many seem to be making a lot about this online but it may not be as big a deal as many think.

The fight is just over two and a half weeks away. Much of the Chavez Jr training camp and hard work is done at this point.

Photos of the Chavez Jr training camp in recent weeks show him to be in tremendous condition too.

Whatever the case might be, perhaps Canelo will be looking on this as a positive. For the full interview on Mexican media check it out here on RoundOs Official YouTube (hat tip):

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