Watch: Hagler vs Hearns – On This Day In 1985 All Hell Broke Loose In The Ring

Hagler vs Hearns is still regarded to this day as one of the very best fights in the history of boxing. Watching it makes you understand why.

Hagler vs Hearns took place on April 15th, 1985 in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. 32 years to the day today. For anyone even remotely familiar with the sport of boxing you’ll have seen this fight perhaps more than once online.

For those lucky enough to have been around at the time watching live on TV, or those even luckier to have been in attendance, it’s probably a memory that will never leave you.

‘Marvellous’ Marvin Hagler was considered by some to be a slight underdog going into the fight. Facing up against a man in Tommy ‘The Hitman’ Hearns who was arguably one of the biggest punchers in the sport’s history.

Knockout fists that could close the show at anytime. Hagler was not to be intimidated by reputation or heavy hands however.

A man who secluded himself from society in his training camps to focus his mind on the job at hand. A steely individual not to be messed with.

They say Hearns had a last minute massage before the fight took place on the night. One that supposedly sapped a lot of his energy before the first bell.

Believe what you want. What ensured was simply an all out street fight for three relentless, maniacal rounds. Enough of my guff. Lets watch it back.

Here’s Hagler vs Hearns – enjoy:

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