Watch: Mayweather Blasts Don King and Bob Arum – Praises Al Haymon

Floyd Mayweather blasts promoters Don King and Bob Arum. Some choice words to put it mildly as well as speaking on Al Haymon.

Mayweather blasts King and Arum and goes into detail about Al Haymon this weekend. The Floyd Mayweather and Al Haymon relationship has been a well documented one in boxing over the years.

Al Haymon, perhaps the most powerful figure in world boxing today, helped guide Floyd Mayweather to wealth and finances that no other pro boxer has ever seen.

Acting as his adviser and manager, Haymon was able to leverage Mayweather’s colorful brand during the recession with big TV networks to maximize earnings.

During a time when most around the world were struggling financially, Mayweather left his old promoter Top Rank (headed by Bob Arum). He did so to become his own boss and work with Haymon.

He changed his nickname from ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ to ‘Money Mayweather’ around the time of the global downturn.

Flaunting cash to the camera and talking about money non stop. The result? More people wanting to tune in to see him lose.

The result of that? More pay per view buys and more money in the bank. Haymon was pivotal behind this marketing along with Mayweather I believe.

Floyd Mayweather had words for promoters Don King and Bob Arum this weekend at a press conference gathering saying:

“You can talk about Don King, you can talk about Bob Arum. To me those guys are thieves. To me Al Haymon is a straight up guy. It’s black and white. You sign it, it is what it is with Al Haymon.”

Strong words from Mayweather, who no doubt will have ruffled some feathers with King and Arum’s camps with the above.

At this time Mayweather is retired as an active fighter. However it is widely thought he will have one last boxing match this year against Conor McGregor.

For the full interview as Mayweather blasts Arum and King check it out here via Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip):

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