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Keith Thurman Makes Interesting Point On Rankings

The WBC and WBA (super) welterweight champion of the world Keith Thurman makes an interesting point on the rankings.

Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman is at present the only 147lbs fighter in the world that holds two recognized world titles at the weight class.

Yet if you go into most people’s pound for pound rankings, you’ll see most media outlets still rank Pacquiao ahead of Thurman.

From a win streak perspective and who he’s fought more recently standpoint, it is probably fair that Thurman deserves the edge in the rankings at this point.

Speaking to TMZ, Thurman made reference to this:

“I think it’s kind of ironic. I’m the only welterweight in the world that holds two world titles and he’s still ranked above me. At the end of the day we want that Pacman fight. I would love to negotiate that fight. He can pick the date, he can pick anything he wants man.”

Obviously a fight between the two would settle the matter beyond doubt.

Thurman is pushing hard for this but with Pacquiao scheduled to face Australian Jeff Horn next it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

Pound for pound rankings are always a mythical list of course.

But after coming across Thurman’s remarks and checking the major and respected outlets it was surprising to see that most had Pacquiao above Thurman.

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Here is a quality compilation from Boxing Ph YouTube comparing some of Pacquiao and Thurman’s knockouts over the years:

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