Joe Gallagher Responds To Boxing Twitter Trolls

Trainer Joe Gallagher responds to some of his relentless Twitter trolls who bombard him on a regular basis week in week out.

For boxing fans who are on Twitter, you’ll know that Ring Magazine trainer of the year Joe Gallagher comes in for a bit of stick online.

Twitter, an excellent medium for boxing overall, also can have some at times hilarious parody accounts and memes going about too, which a lot of the time are in good jest and harmless.

According to Gallagher though some of his Twitter foes are perhaps of the more relentless nature, who batter him verbally at any opportunity he insists.

Joe Gallagher has spoken about them on camera with the folks at Boxing News TV:

“It’s most probably around 30 people with around 5 different accounts each. What more can you do. That’s it. If you’ve got to spend your time listening to their opinions you might as well pack it all in. You’ve just got to move on. They think it’s funny, their having their little bits making mock up pictures. I just think to myself, wow, waking up Sunday morning to somebody writing some gobs**** of a tweet. I just thought wow, what life have you got to wake up on Sunday morning and think I’ve got to do that. You’re missus must think who I am with here, what an Earth is he, how old is he? You’ve got kids there why don’t you play with you’re kids or do something with me? Why don’t we go to church or do something as a family? But instead you go onto there (gesturing at his phone). Saturday night the abuse that came (after Liam Smith vs Liam Williams), there must have been a load of women who went off to bed and think I’ll leave him to it.”

He added:

“You know what? I could do a tweet now and there’d be about 30 or 40 men no matter what they’re doing will jump on react to it and I go wow, you don’t realize that you’re in work cracking on with what you’re doing. You hear what I say and you want to have a go. Get a grip and get a life will ya. Each to their own. Some people get their hits and their kicks in strange ways. Whatever does it for them. Some people it’s a line of cocaine, some other people it’s a line of s**** on Twitter. Take you’re pick.”

Gallagher has been going through a tough run of results for some of his more well known fighters over the last year or so but this week announced he has a new trainer in his stable in the form of female boxer Natasha Jonas.

For the full interview above check it out here on YouTube: