Sergey Kovalev Upping His Antagonizing Tactics On Andre Ward

Sergey Kovalev upping his media jibes at rival Andre Ward this week following the announcement that the two will fight for a second time later this summer.

It has been confirmed that the pair will take on one another again this summer in Las Vegas on June 17th at Mandalay Bay.

Earlier this week Kovalev has already began the process of trying to get underneath the skin of Ward with threats like this.

Now he’s upping his verbal warfare game even more. Speaking today on his now quickly becoming infamous Instagram account, Kovalev told Ward:

He sure has a way with words…

Ward ever the pro, will probably just laugh at this latest jibe and not take it to heart but it will be interesting to see what effect it might have if Kovalev keeps it up between now and the fight.

Kovalev typically isn’t a big trash talker – outside of some controversial comments to Adonis Stevenson in the past online.

He comes across as a guy who’s pretty mellow most of the time, but if he doesn’t like you and you get under his skin, he really seems to harbour some proper hatred.

In the ring he’s not called ‘Krusher’ for no reason.

His controlled rage and underestimated by some (world class) boxing skills have made for entertaining viewing over the last number of years in particular.

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