Boxing Writing – A Funny Old Game

Boxing writing is something we do on a day to day basis at Boxing News and Views and get asked about all the time. A message for our readers, fight fans and aspiring writers alike around the globe.

Boxing writing, where to begin with this one…

Anyone who’s been involved in it will tell you the grind of it’s nature, day in day out. Something where a real passion and healthy amount of genuine courage is needed to have any hope of doing it on a full-time basis.

That’s if you’re lucky.

Now in the technologically driven world we find ourselves in, it’s a vocation that is finding itself more and more independently online as traditional print media continues to decline and much of TV media moves online.

Two years tomorrow will mark our second year anniversary at Boxing News and Views.

On April 7th, 2015 I decided to start our publication on my own from the small island of Ireland, with limited funds and knowledge of what such an almost (looking back at my mind frame two years ago) nutty endeavour would actually entail in reality.

Fast forward to last November (2016) and we became a top 10 global boxing site for readership and web popularity (as per transparent charts) in our first 18 months of operation.

We’ve had over 80 international writers from around the world contribute content to our new movement in the sport, been media credentialed at major events across the globe and have managed to interview and spend time with some of the coolest athletes on the face of the Earth.

Professional fighters.

I wish I could tell you it has been smooth sailing and that all the above is indicative of a glitz and glamor type journey – but that would be a massive lie.

The days on end of working alone in isolation, dealing with (misinformed) negative people, countless hours of work (through Christmas, friends’ birthdays, my own birthday, sickness and everything else), blood (quite literally), bullshit promises, con men, sweat, tears, relentless learning, adapting, moving forward when all seems lost and sacrifice to get something like this off the ground from scratch is an ongoing process.

A process that never ends in truth. A pain made easier by (real) friends and supporters, and a sport as pure at it’s most inner core as any in human history.

I started Boxing News and Views back in 2015 following a rather dark year in 2014. That year I learned of the death of my biological mother without getting the chance to meet her before she died, my grandmother and two friends.

All in the same summer. Just shortly after relocating to a new city to start a new job at the time. Disaster I thought. How the fuck am I going to get through this I thought.

Couple this with meeting someone who I thought was a future girlfriend, parting ways, among a few other turbulent events in a short few months, I almost cracked.

Thanks to the help of meeting some (genuinely) good people over the last couple of years I didn’t.

After that and the last two years or so of some of the most soul tormenting pain of which there is not enough room on a web page to describe 1% of, I truly believe the phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ to be entirely true.

That period in my life put a few things in perspective for me in terms of what is important.

I thought to myself at the time this thing (life) isn’t going to last forever, so decided to roll the dice and pursue a life long passion and a new profession that I had tampered with years before – online boxing media.

Operating off my own savings and a freelance journalism job I decided to take the plunge into the unforgiving world of self-employment at the beginning of 2015 and move back to where I was from in Ireland.

boxing writing
Myself and Roger Mayweather at the Mayweather Boxing Club last December

This is the first time I’ve spoken about this in public here on our site, but with us turning two years old tomorrow and all the turmoil we’ve gone through recently, I thought now would be as good as any a time to get it off my chest.

I’ve put my health on the line a lot recently (in more ways than one) with getting Boxing News and Views operational again after an (almost) disastrous new project we were talked into doing fully this year.

You might have noticed that the site changed how it looked entirely for a couple of months there. Alas, we’ve been able to avoid losing the site and for the time being have gone back to our old layout.

Boxing media is a fast, relentless game nowadays, in a world that never sleeps with the internet. A journey despite the considerable challenges and stresses it’s caused me personally, one I still relish and enjoy the fight of everyday.

I wanted to do this boxing writing themed article for a while now but with our site going down a lot recently because of a server change and some considerable conflicting information from various people on why it happened, I wanted to write this for you guys now more than ever.

Without you (our readers), the countless contributors around the world and the many (real) friends we’ve made along the way on this crazy two years so far, we simply would not have come this far.

While we re-group and work on making the site and our social media platforms more solid than ever before and (much) better as 2017 progresses, I wanted to thank every one of you.

Honestly, I owe you more than you could ever imagine. Keep supporting the best sport in the world. One that’s on the way back, too.