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Billy Joe Saunders T-Shirt Message For Gennady Golovkin

A new Billy Joe Saunders t-shirt is doing the rounds online at the moment in the WBO champion’s latest bid to wind ‘GGG’ up.

A deadline of last Friday has now been and gone for an apparent deal to be struck between the two champions to secure a middleweight unification bout this summer.

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That hasn’t stopped Englishman Billy Joe Saunders continuing his verbal assault on Golovkin since however. In recent days on Twitter he even detailed some of the private negotiations with Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler:

No doubt Billy badly wants the fight if he’s sharing private DM’s and why wouldn’t he? It’s without the biggest fight of his career if it comes off for him.

Particularly following what must have been an incredibly frustrating time this last while due to injury and inactivity.

But the longer and longer this goes on, the less and less likely it looks. Now Saunders has upped the trash talk stakes even more with this latest t-shirt message for Golovkin:

A brave man to be having that type of banter with one of the hardest punchers of the modern era.

Indeed, a variety of call outs of Golovkin have come thick and fast since his recent closely fought battle with Danny Jacobs.

There is a sense among a lot of fight fans from what we’ve seen since that many feel Golovkin could be ever so slightly on the slide. Certainly viewed as more human since the Jacobs fight.

I’m not quite sure I buy that Golovkin is on the slide though. Everyone is allowed to have an off night every now and then, surely.

Furthermore, he wasn’t exactly facing a slouch.

The number two middleweight fighter in the world (Danny Jacobs) in the majority’s opinion before the fight.

Perhaps Jacobs is even viewed as the number one at 160lbs now by some who thought he won following the closely fought battle.

Upon close inspection of watching back the fight recently, I’m still convinced that Golovkin just did enough to win overall.

Whether this Billy Joe Saunders t-shirt stunt evokes any emotion from the usually calm Golovkin and his team remains to be seen.