Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is taking this fight perhaps as serious as any of his career, as he locks in on the last few weeks of preparation before the first bell rings.

Chavez has been accused in the past of not training hard enough for some fights and perhaps not taking things as serious as he should by others.

This criticism has come from respected figures in the game in the past such as legendary father (Chavez Sr) and trainer Freddie Roach for example.

But it can’t be levelled at him this time around.

He’s been reported to be down on weight well ahead of schedule and if this tweet yesterday is anything to go by, we should be in for one hell of an all Mexican ding dong:

May 6th at the T-Mobile Arena is just around a month to go now and many of Chavez’ past detractors might be eating some humble pie at the minute if they thought he wasn’t taking things serious.

It’s a big step up in weight for Canelo Alvarez to be fair, But Canelo at the same time will represent a massive jump in the level of opponents that Chavez has been facing over the last few years.

While you can’t bill this as a Barrera vs Morales type showdown, it’s still the best one that can be made in the modern era when it comes to an all Mexican boxing battle.

A fight where inevitably both men will let fly at some stage or another and throw caution to the wind. There’s just too much on the line and pride at stake.

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