David Haye Return Hoped For Before The End Of 2017

David Haye return expected before the end of the year in the latest update on his injury from the London heavyweight.

Haye suffered injury to his Achilles during his heavyweight fight with Tony Bellew that essentially saw Haye box on one leg from round six up to the point the fight was stopped in round eleven.

After the fight though the damage done was apparent, with Haye now hobbling around in a cast at the moment. His spirits have not been dampened though and he is aiming at getting back as soon as possible.

Speaking to IFL TV a David Haye return should be coming before the end of the year:

“Surgery went fantastic. Rehabilitation is going good. I’m out of the cast now so I’m able to move my foot already. I’ve got a comprex on my leg so I’m getting electrical stimulus through my leg so the muscles don’t atrophy. So keeping it healthy, keeping the blood flow. My physiotherapist is very happy where I am. He said all of the markers that he’s been looking for that I’m hitting them.

He concluded on a comeback:

“Hopefully before the end of the year. That’s the plan.”

Many are wondering if he will ever return to the fighter he once was, a man who won both the cruiserweight and world titles and excited fans with his explosive knockout fists.

Perhaps his speed and reaction times might not be what they were of a few years ago, but he still has enough ability, power and experience to surely be involved in a few more big fights.

For the full interview above check it out here via IFL TV YouTube (hat tip and credit):