Genius Reply From Tony Bellew To Chris Eubank Jr Calling Him Out

Epic response from Tony Bellew to Chris Eubank Jr following Jr calling the Liverpool man out for a fight. Despite a considerable weight difference.

Tony Bellew is no doubt enjoying the fruits of his labor at the moment having recently beaten David Haye in the upset of the year so far.

Since the win critics of Bellew and supporters have Haye have been mentioning to Bellew and online that the win was only because Haye injured his Achilles in the fifth round.

While the injury to Haye might have been a contributing factor in how the fight played out, granted, I don’t think it’s fair to totally use this against Bellew in saying he would not have won otherwise.

Early on in the fight Bellew showed he could take Haye’s power and boxed quite cleverly to avoid many of Haye’s attacks on the outside.

Many forget that Bellew also suffered injury in the fight too – a broken hand no less. So his punching power and ability was obviously adversely hampered too.

Chris Eubank Jr is the latest to call out Bellew, despite campaigning at a significantly lower weight class than the Liverpool fighter.

This response from Tony Bellew to Chris Eubank Jr is one of the better ones we’ve come across in recent memory between two boxers:

Tony Bellew To Chris Eubank

Well, there you have it.

A matchup between these two does seem rather unlikely. Considering the fact Bellew now campaigns at heavyweight and Chris Eubank Jr only recently moved up to super-middleweight.

For those that didn’t see Bellew’s recent win over David Haye here are some highlights:

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