Watch: New Lomachenko Documentary ‘Chase Your Dream’ (English Subtitles)

A new Vasyl Lomachenko documentary charting the Ukraine boxing maestro’s journey from his beginnings at amateur level – to the United States in recent years where he has began fulfilling his professional boxing dream.

Becoming a two-weight world champion in six pro fights makes Vasyl Lomachenko already one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world today.

Also a double Olympic Gold medallist and one of the finest amateur boxers of the modern boxing era, Vasyl Lomachenko has a pretty good record in chasing his dreams it would be fair to say.

His skill but more importantly, will, acts as a beacon of hope for anyone on the climb to their desired destination and path in life.

Lomachenko fights next on April 8th against Jason Sosa as part of a pay per view being but on by his promoter Top Rank when he puts his WBO super-featherweight title on the line.

Following Roman Gonzalez’ controversial defeat this past weekend many are now talking about Lomachenko as the new pound for pound number one boxer.

In the mythical list. While that might still be up for debate, it could easily become a reality this year if he continues the way he has been.

Since starting his pro boxing career back in 2013 in the US he has quickly made a massive impact in world boxing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins world titles at even more weight classes before he’s finished.

The thing that I think is really cool about Lomachenko’s career in particular is that he’s suffered a pro loss early on – but it hasn’t ruined his career.

If anything he has gone fro strength to strength since his (split decision) loss to Orlando Salido in 2014.

Perhaps this is a good sign of the new post-Floyd Mayweater boxing era we are living now in, where protecting the ‘O’ and unbeaten record is becoming less important in boxing.

About time. Hopefully.

Ahead of his latest outing we stumbled across this brand new Lomachenko documentary this morning. A truly excellent watch: