MSG Attendance At GGG-Jacobs Shows Boxing Alive And Well In New York

Boxing alive and well according to these numbers. The sport is clearly still a big draw in the Big Apple despite what some might have you believe.

Boxing in New York took a bit of a back seat in parts last year to Las Vegas in the US.

This was in large part due to an insurance issue that was causing professional boxing events to cost too much to be staged in New York.

With that matter no out of the way, this past weekend at The Garden proved that the sweet science which has always traditionally had a great home in New York, still does.

Golovkin vs Jacobs headlined on Saturday night in a middleweight title unification match that had plenty of action in the ring and plenty of controversy after outside of it.

But as a certain boxer called Floyd Mayweather might say: “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t like.” So, lets take a look at the numbers:

A full house, as they say.

Golovkin is obviously a big draw in NYC, as was local fighter Danny Jacobs, coupled with the fact it as St.Patrick’s weekend and no doubt many Irish fight fans were out in force to support Andy Lee on the undercard and Michael Conlan at the same venue the night before.

All the stars aligned for an excellent night of boxing action, showing this sport no matter what it’s detractors may have you believe – is in a very good place once again.

Boxing alive and well in NYC. Beyond reasonable doubt.