GGG vs Jacobs Live Stream

Below is the GGG vs Jacobs live stream footage of the undercard action tonight before the main event pay per view begins.

GGG vs Jacobs Live Stream Video Of Undercard

It’s fight night!

The time is almost upon us to see who indeed is the best middleweight boxer on Earth. But before that – there’s a whole host of action.

And what’s more, the below is free.

The main event will get underway later on and the closer the main event gets the more and more the odds on Jacobs seem to be dropping.

Could that be an omen of things to come? Stranger things have certainly happened in boxing. That’s for sure. Jacobs is a very live dog in this fight and by all accounts is in career best condition tonight.

But Golovkin will be looking to bounce back from what he probably thought was a sluggish performance last time out against welterweight Kell Brook.

Although ‘GGG’ won the fightm he got tagged probably more than he would have liked in the fight. Even pushed back in early parts of the bout.

Before tonight’s main event starts we’ve got three excellent fights on the undercard below to look forward to and watch:

  • Serhii Bohachuk vs Yasmani Pedroso
  • Jay Carrigan McFarlane vs Matt McKinney
  • Andy Lee vs KeAndrae Leatherwood

Many will be looking forward to the Andy Lee comeback in particular on this St.Patrick’s Day weekend in New York.

The Irishman fights for the first time since losing his WBO world middleweight title back in December 2015. Atmosphere is already building nicely at the moment in Madison Square Garden ahead of the big one:

Jacobs no doubt will be feeling the nerves around now as the reality of facing the world’s biggest puncher pound for pound dawns upon him.

But nerves can be a very positive force if used in the right way. Many sense tonight could be a genuine middleweight classic.

Ahead of the fight, the folks at HBO YouTube have provided the following for the GGG vs Jacobs live stream video – enjoy:

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