danny jacobs weight

Danny Jacobs weight today revealed as he gets ready soon to take on the world’s number one middleweight Gennady Golovkin.

Jacobs is the bigger man in tonight’s fight it would be fair to say. Taller, a longer reach and also a weight advantage.

He failed to make the check weight today for the IBF however, which has cost him an opportunity for challenge for that particular belt that Golovkin holds.

Having said that, LA Times reporter Lance Pugmire has found out the number for the fight day Danny Jacobs weight nonetheless:

176lbs that early this morning could easily be 180-185lbs come fight night tonight. Particularly after Jacobs has had a chance to re-hydrate further and have more food on board.

One would suspect that if that’s the case, that he could enjoy as much as a 10-12lbs weight advantage over Golovkin by the time they get in the ring.

As Pugmire suggests above, it was a purposeful act by his team which leads me to believe that Jacobs is using the extra weight and strength as a tactic tonight.

Most who have tried to bully Golovkin have gotten knocked out spectacularly for their efforts. But no one of the size of Jacobs had tried to do so yet to be fair.

Could Jacobs’ plan involve trying to lean on Golovkin as the rounds go by and look to wear him down stamina-wise too?

Quite possibly. But it’s a tough ask if that’s the plan.

Golovkin I feel will use his boxing a lot more tonight, more so then he did against Kell Brook last time out certainly. This is a completely different fight and fighter in front of him.

If Jacobs looks to make it a rough and tough fight and use his weight, then he may have to absorb some sickening jabs on the way in.

Here is the undercard video coverage of tonight’s action. Will the Danny Jacobs weight play a factor tonight in the main event?

Time will tell.

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