Why Michael Conlan New York Debut Could Be Dawn Of A New Star

The Michael Conlan New York debut will take place later tonight at Madison Square Garden but from a big picture perspective, it could be even ‘bigger’ then some realize.

Michael Conlan New York Debut Tonight

I’m never one to get drawn into the over dramatic hype of things but in anything, I tend to respect the fact that timing can be a big part of success.

Perhaps that goes for life in general.

Here’s three quick reasons why I believe the Michael Conlan New York debut tonight at MSG could see the emergence of a new star in the world of boxing:


We’ve touched on the first point above briefly.

Conlan comes into this fight with a lot of buzz around him after what was a shocking and lets face it, massive story last year when he was wrongly dumped out of the 2016 Olympics early by a bad decision.

His refreshingly candid response to the decision afterwards generated a huge amount of interest in him, and Olympic boxing last year.

This momentum from a PR level has being building and building all the while since he announced his decision to turn pro, then sign with American promoters Top Rank and move himself and his family entirely to the States.

St.Patrick’s day tonight in New York comes as part of a big boxing weekend overall also featuring Gennady Golovkin. It’s as good as any a time to launch a new Irish sporting star.

Irish Americans

michael conlan new york

Not long ago an American acquaintance of mine pointed out to me one day that there are actually over 30 million Irish, or those claiming to be, or those of at least some Irish descent – living in America.

That’s a big number. Particularly when you consider the population of Ireland is only 4.5 million (approx).

Of which after taking out non Irish nationals, probably leaves it in the ball park of around 3 million Irish people actually living in Ireland nowadays.

We’re a nationality that tends to expand into other counties, as the above numbers clearly illustrate.

There’s a huge gap in the American boxing market for perhaps a boxing version (all be it in his own way) of Conor McGregor.

Speaking of McGregor…

Conor McGregor Shows It Can Be Done

While not a boxer and only linked to the boxing world mainly due to Floyd Mayweather – McGregor will be walking his young pal Conlan out to the ring tonight in New York.

No doubt he’ll be telling him about his own journey to fighting superstar status from Ireland to the US in recent years.

McGregor literally burst onto the global sports scene over the last few years and showed that it can be done by an Irishman in combat sports.

I don’t see why Mick Conlan can’t be a big star in the States. He’s got the talent.