Michael Conlan on Conor McGregor Friendship and What’s In Store At MSG

Michael Conlan on Conor McGregor relationship and what role he’ll play this Friday night at Madison Square Garden.

The fighting Irishman McGregor although he isn’t a pro boxer has been linked to the boxing world a lot in recent times with a possible Floyd Mayweather boxing match.

Which as of today, is starting to look very likely indeed.

But he also has links to the professional boxing world in other ways. He has sparked up a friendship with one of the leading young prospects in the world at the moment – Mick Conlan.

Conlan makes his professional debut tomorrow night in New York on St.Patrick’s Day and in keeping with the Irish feel of the night, he’s got McGregor alongside him when he walks to the ring tomorrow.

Speaking to Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV – Michael Conlan on Conor McGregor relationship and him getting walked to the ring by the Irish fight star:

“Conor contacted me after I won the World Amateur Championships and was giving me a lot of advice and saying well done and stuff. It was great to have someone like him giving me that type of respect. I was like wow. Ireland’s a small place we have to stick together – there’s only 4 or 5 million people in Ireland. So we all stick together. He followed me on Twitter and stuff and the relationship grew and he was asking about sparring partners. Then when he fought (Nate) Diaz and lost he needed sparring partners for the rematch and I got the perfect sparring partners for him. Our relationship kind of grew and grew, we kept texting each other and exchanged numbers. Then we were doing an event in Belfast, a public speaking event, and I asked him on stage would he walk me out. I kind of put him on the spot a bit. He said it would be an honor and would be very grateful. I was just blown away by it. I’m so happy he stuck to his word and he is going to come.”

For the full interview with Conlan above – check it out here on YouTube:

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