(Video) Both Fighters Look Shredded At Golovkin vs Jacobs Weigh Ins

The results of the Golovkin vs Jacobs weigh ins and final head to head for both men.

No doubt every professional fighter trains hard for a fight but these two chaps really look ready to throw down at the highest level of pro boxing tomorrow.

The sheer fustigation that will be on display will be quite the site to behold in itself.

Two guys with power in their fists that perhaps could only be comparable to mere mortals of that of receiving a blow to the head by a baseball bat.

But these two world champions have the capacity to absorb such punishment of course, and get out of the way of it too when needed.

While the physical style dynamics of this particular fight promise for entertaining viewing, granted, the boxing skills that will also be on show should be just as impressive.

Tactics and gameplans will be in both fighter’s minds around now as they refuel after the weigh-in today and set their sights and focus on the brutal task that now lays ahead tomorrow.

Trying to kill time by any means they can.

Here is what happened at the Golovkin vs Jacobs weigh ins earlier today, the results and the final head to head before tomorrow night’s action at Madison Square Garden: