WATCH: Mayweather Meets Smith Brothers – Talks Boxing and Canelo Fight

Floyd Mayweather meets Smith brothers on his recent trip to the UK. A great moment where he talked boxing and more with the famous UK fighting brothers.

For those not familiar with the Smith brothers, they are from Liverpool in the UK and are the only four brothers from any family to all win professional British boxing titles during their boxing careers.

Callum, Paul, Liam and Stephen have elevated themselves through hard work and determination in the sport of boxing and are as down to Earth representatives of the sweet science as you’ll likely see anywhere.

Mayweather met them in Liverpool recently and spoke everything boxing, his fight with Canelo, one of the Stephen Smith’s loss to Pedraza, his own fighters and more.

It was one of those clips when you watch it that gives you an insight into the unspoken bond by fellow fighters behind the scenes on both sides of the pond.

A great moment here as Mayweather meets Smith brothers:

(Hat tip and credit: Fight Hype YouTube)

Tangible proof in many ways that Mayweather isn’t the bad guy behind the scenes that he’s often painted as.

Sure, his HBO 24/7 exploits over the years might have painted a picture of something different than the above but that comes part and parcel with promotion.

At the end of the day it’s professional boxing, where entertainment has always been part of the sport and fighters have always needed to sell fights.

By all accounts Mayweather is coming to the end of his European tour at the moment.

When he gets back to Las Vegas attention will turn to whether or not a contract between him and Conor McGregor will finally be signed or not.

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