Gennady Golovkin On Mayweather vs McGregor Carnival Boxing Match

Golovkin vs Canelo Affects Mayweather vs McGregor

On the eve of his latest fight РGennady Golovkin on Mayweather vs McGregor and his own showdown with Danny Jacobs.

Golovkin On Mayweather vs McGregor

In many ways world middleweight boxing dynamo Gennady Golovkin represents the exact opposite of what a Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match does.

The latter is a gigantic cash grab. An entertainment spectacle for not just sports fans.

Something that will intrigue people who’ve never watched a boxing match a day in their lives due to the larger than life personalities involved.

But Golovkin and indeed his fight this weekend with Danny Jacobs, represents an actual top level boxing match between two of the sports’ premier athletes.

So when questioned about the carnival atmosphere around a Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match it’s understandable ‘GGG’ meets it with a smile and a laugh.

Speaking to TMZ – Golovkin on Mayweather vs McGregor:

“Business fight (Mayweather vs McGregor) and true (boxing) fight is a different situation. Of course everyone wants to watch this fight (Floyd and Conor) because it’s a show, like a new movie. A new show, you know. And different situation my side. Everybody want to watch true fight (vs Jacobs). True boxing fight. True history fight. It’s a different situation.”

Well said. It’s probably not possible to put the whole thing better than that, in truth.

But that’s the great thing about sports like boxing. No two fans are the exact same. Sure, many purists of the sport will not entertain a circus like Mayweather vs McGregor.

But it’s okay to acknowledge that some will. And it’s okay to acknowledge that many who would not watch boxing normally will.

From a boxing perspective, this weekend Golovkin vs Jacobs is one of those fights that boxing fans look forward to all year.

I know I certainly am.

For information on fight time, TV info, live streaming info and more on GGG vs Jacobs check it out here.