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The Andy Lee Comeback Fight Has Gone Under The Radar A Tad

Former middleweight world champion Andy Lee comeback on the Golovkin undercard without many seeming to know about it.

Lee last boxed in December of 2015 when he surrendered his WBO title that night to reigning champion Billy Joe Saunders.

The Irishman has since had an extended period away from actively fighting and spent time with family, although has also been training with coach Adam Booth all the while.

Ironically Saunders now also trains with Booth, so Lee will not have been short of quality sparring partners in recent times.

With all the fuss around the other Irish boxers fighting this weekend and it being St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Lee’s comeback fight tomorrow night has flown under the radar a bit.

Perhaps just as he would of liked it anyway to be fair. A man not into the modern ‘Starbucks Boxing’ hype game. He would have been able to focus entirely on the fight over the last couple of months.

But he’s a boxer who if he recaptures the form of a couple of years ago still possesses more than enough skill, will and power to win a middleweight title again.

Tomorrow he takes on KeAndrae Leatherwood of Alabama and the Irishman will know this is make or break time for him now.

It will be interesting to see what he and tactician Adam Booth have been working on in the background all this while.

You never know, we could see some new tools and tricks showcased in the Andy Lee arsenal tomorrow night. Maybe even that famed right hook that so many fight fans have enjoyed in recent years: