Daniel Jacobs Cancer Story Explained By ‘The Miracle Man’

The Daniel Jacobs cancer story is one of the most inspiring ones you’ll ever come across. Anywhere. Not just in boxing. Not just in sports – in life period.

Most people in life probably know someone whether it be a friend or family member who’s dealt with the horrible disease that is cancer in some way.

For those familiar with it they will tell you that it’s a debilitating, heart wrenching disease for anyone to go through in the many forms it can often take in the human body.

Because of it’s widespread effect worldwide people no matter where they’re from, who they are or what they do can relate to triumphant tales when people manage to beat cancer.

But the Daniel Jacobs cancer story is even a bit more incredible, in truth.

Six years ago he didn’t know whether he would live let alone find himself this week in a middleweight world title unification fight.

An battle no less with one of the world’s leading fighters in Gennady Golovkin at Madison Square Garden in New York.

His overcoming of the horrible disease to return to a sport as gruelling as boxing, not just on a professional level, but to actually become a world champion is quite extraordinary.

A remarkable tale of how even when pushed to the most extreme of limits and asking the body to do things that logically speaking it should never be able to do again, even in overwhelming adversity,he is a living testament that in fact the human spirit can still pull through almost anything.

Speaking this week to HBO about where he’s at following overcoming cancer the New Yorker noted: