Dana White Shoots Down June Date For Mayweather vs McGregor

UFC President Dana White has firmly put down latest speculation that a Mayweather vs McGregor fight was been lined up for June 10th in Las Vegas.

Over the weekend a report from Flo Combat claimed that according to their sources June 10th had been booked at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for a possible Mayweather vs McGregor fight this summer.

It did seem a bit odd that a fight would happen so soon, given that it would likely need a few months of promotion if it were to happen in reality.

Mayweather however did recently say on his UK tour that he wanted to make the fight in June and didn’t want to keep waiting. He’s probably getting sick of the waiting himself like many fans are with this.

However Dana White speaking to TMZ has shot this June suggestion down:

“Is nowhere near being done.”

Followed by:

“There is no target date whatsoever.”

The first comment while not a positive one for those interested in seeing such a carnival, he is now not saying the fight is definitely not going to happen – like he had before.

If this freak show were to happen in a boxing ring, and lets be honest in boxing terms it would be a freak show, Dana White is going to prove a key man in letting this thing take place.

McGregor is under contract with him at the UFC. It can’t be avoided.

While the fight might be criticised by some in both the boxing and MMA worlds, there is no denying that from an entertainment and casual sports fan perspective it will draw big numbers.

But I’m not convinced it would do Mayweather vs Pacquiao type numbers, which were a bit crazy to be fair looking back on that fight in 2015.

More than likely if this does go ahead, I’d lean more towards it being the 2nd highest grossing combat sports event of all time behind Mayweather vs Pacquiao’s financial record.

Surely enough of an incentive still for all concerned to get this fight signed soon or shut up about it.