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WATCH: Final GGG vs Jacobs Faceoff – Fight Week MSG Press Conference

Today saw the final GGG vs Jacobs faceoff at a press conference before both men officially weigh-in next Friday ahead of their Saturday night showdown.

The pair will do battle this Saturday on March 18th. The months of waiting and training will finally be over for both their teams, the fans and themselves.

Both have been typically respectful of one another in the pre-fight build-up. True to form. Neither is a man known for trash talk.

Instead, like the old school warriors they are, they let their fists do the talking in the ring.

We looked at three keys to victory today here ahead of Saturday. But don’t discount bits of final body language between the two this week.

Mind games and intimidation can play a big part in pro boxing. But by all accounts and from footage so far both seem unflappable in this regard.

The final GGG vs Jacobs faceoff today in New York certainly conveyed as much. Nothing but a steely look of focus and intent in both men’s eyes:

(Hat tip and credit: Fight Hub YouTube)

Two fighters conducting themselves as the gentleman that the founding principles of this great sport of boxing was built on.

Two apex noble art representatives.

Come Saturday night, the world will found out who exactly is the best middleweight fighter on the planet. Beyond reasonable doubt.

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