WATCH: Final GGG vs Jacobs Press Conference (Full Video)

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The last GGG vs Jacobs press conference took place earlier at Madison Square Garden as both men make final preparations for Saturday night’s middleweight title fight.

The final face off here showed both men are now well and truly turned on to ‘fight mode’.

While bookmakers have Golovkin installed as a favorite in the fight, most well informed boxing fans and insiders will tell you that he is in a very real fight this weekend.

Probably the most dangerous of his career to date.

A fight against a man as big and strong as any he’s ever faced. A fighter who cares little about reputation or intimidation.

Tactics on Saturday night are the thing that really interest me at the moment.

While both men have unquestionable knockout power it’s the gameplan they choose to employ I’m looking forward to seeing unveiled.

Speaking at the final GGG vs Jacobs press conference today, Gennady Golovkin mentioned he had multiple plans in place for the weekend.

Clearly conveying the respect he has for Jacobs and the seriousness in which he has taken pre-fight preparations.

In theory, Jacobs as a slightly bigger and longer man could keep the fight long but that’s not really how he fights in truth.

Sooner or later I suspect he’ll look to engage Golovkin and that’s when things will get very, very interesting indeed.

Ahead of Saturday night here is the full final GGG vs Jacobs press conference video footage from New York:

(Hat tip HBO YouTube)