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Tony Bellew On How He Knew He Had The Beating Of Davd Haye

Liverpool’s Tony Bellew on his monumental win over London heavyweight David Haye below. Ultimately he scored a stoppage win as big as 40/1 odds reported by some bookmakers before the fight.

One of the biggest upsets in recent boxing history. A fight that goes to remind us that while it can be possible to predict certain things ahead of a fight, when that first bell goes – it can all change.

The moment Bellew shocked the world here illustrates that.

A sport where passion can trump convention logic. A game where things that happen in the midst of battle can can change the momentum of a fight in a split second.

Speaking to Soccer Am in the UK today Tony Bellew believes that split second for him when he knew he had the win against Haye in the bag – was at the very beginning of the first round.

Not after round 6 when Haye suffered an injury to his Achilles.

At the end of the fifth round as both fighters went back to the corners, the two could be seen exchanging words with one another.

The underdog turned winner elaborated further today on Soccer Am – Tony Bellew on when he knew he had the beating of Haye:

“I’m saying to him, you’re blowing boy. You’re blowing. Because he hit me with his best. He’s disheartened and I had a little cut on my head. No one’s bothered about a scratch. I just said to him you are blowing boy. You are blowing. In my mind I had won the fight in the first round. We got into an early exchange and I hit him with a left hook on the temple. I’ve always said this – I’m not somebody who needs to hit you bang on the chin to hurt you. I can hit you anywhere and hurt you. I hit him on the top of the head and he kind of bounced back like a cartoon character. I’d say like Sideshow Bob. He sprung back with shock. It was at that moment I knew. I had got his respect. He knew he was in for a fight. In that very first exchange. From there on in it was just about executing the game plan.”